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Aging and menopause cause loss of estrogen.  Loss of estrogen results in loss of collagen. Loss of collagen causes sagging skin, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.

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Let’s talk about COLLAGEN

What is it? It’s the MOST abundant protein in your body (about 70%!). It’s the framework of your connective tissue. Think of it as this slimy glue that binds your muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin, etc. 

Here are some FACTS:

After the age of 30, about 1% of collagen is lost every year and if you compound that, it starts to add up pretty quickly. As you get older the % increases especially due to hormonal changes.

What’s one thing us women all have in common?

To have a healthy glow.

We NOW have the tools that can give us incredible results with little to no downtime & Pain without jumping into Surgery (There's a time and place for certain treatments such as injectables, Botox and surgery).

Just in the last two years, technology has changed so much, just look at your smart phones.

Beauty Today is All about Well Being and Consistency (Which is also the Hollywood Secret).

We should all achieve the Best version of ourselves.

We @The Collagen Bar would love 💗 for you to stop by to get the latest non traditional comprehensive approach to boost your collagen at any age.

These treatments include our patented Neo Collagenizer with microcurrent, Forma Radiofrequency, Morpheus 8 (most advanced microneedling), Body FX, Evolve Tite/Trim/Tone, Lumecca, Diolaze to Votiva! This compilation is the new generation of technologies for skin tightening.

Our values at the Collagen Bar are Honesty, Innovation & Quality.

We do NOT stand for quick fixes, false promises and poor results.

We Believe that people do not have to go to extreme measures to look & feel good about themselves. Our process of treating skin is like a marathon. Why jump into a race if you haven't built the foundation or jump in the ocean if you don't know how to swim.

Our mission is to make everyone love their skin at any age!



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